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A brief explanation: Polish postcard flexidiscs are regular size cardboard postcards. However, they are laminated on the picture side which is imprinted with "record" grooves and can be played like a regular record. You can see in the pictures the centre hole which is punched into them. Postcards like these were used during the early 80's to sneak western music into Poland, which was under communist rule at the time. Often the pictures bear no correlation to the music or the artist. The choice of songs were also quite random, and not the usual songs that were released as singles in other parts of the world. The postcards play at 33rpm, and the sound quality is terrible at best! :)

Eurythmics "Belinda" Flexi Postcard.

Eurythmics "English Summer" Flexi Postcard.

Eurythmics "Sing Sing" Flexi Postcard.

The Tourists "Loneliest Man In The World" Flexi Poscard.

Eurythmics "She's Invisible Now" Flexi Postcard.

Eurythmics "This Is The House" Flexi Postcard.

The Tourists "Time Drags So Slow" Flexi Postcard

The Tourists "Deadly Kiss" Flexi Postcard.

The Tourists "Everywhere You Look" Flexi Postcard.