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Eurythmics & Annie Lennox Bootlegs

Italy Bootleg Cassette

"Here Comes The Rain Again"

1. Here Comes The Rain Again

2. There Must be An Angel

3. The Last time

4. Sexcrime

1. It's Alright baby's coming back.

2. When Tomorrow Comes

3. Lets Go

4. Who's That Girl

Viva - MC 7527


Number 1 of 50

Greece ?

Sexcrime 7" Bootleg clear vinyl.

Live Berline 7 June 1987

Plats der Republik

A. Sexcrime

B. Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves.

Noiselike Bane Records.  

Greece 7" Bootleg

"The Revival of Rome"

Number 5 of 50

A. Revival

B. Angel

B side mislabelled. Actual song is "Don't Ask Me Why"

Recorded Live Rome 27 October 1989.

"In Their Own Words"


Werchter Festival 3/7/83

Swingin' Pig Series

Norway Splatter Vinyl LP (Unique Cover) limited 500

"In Their Own Words"

Bootlegs (White Vinyl x2)

Werchter Festival 3/7/83


Swingin' Pig Series

"In Their Own Words"


Werchter Festival 3/7/83

Swingin' Pig Series

Germany CD 

Annie Lennox

Rendez-Vous With A Lady

European LP

Live in Europe 1992

Vinyl Virus VVLP 023


"Train In Vain"

CD Bootleg of

"Live Unplugged in Canada 1995"

Also includes "Under Pressure" from the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert.

DU CD 05



"Lets Go" CD Bootleg

That's Life CD's

TL 930002




Holland Bootleg LP

"When Tomorrow Comes"

Live in Turin 30/6/87

Black Cat Records

Black Cat 10

Germany Double LP Bootleg

"Live in Berlin"

Recorded live at the "Concert For Berlin"

Platz Der Republik

June 7 1987

(no other markings)

Miracle Of Love Bootleg CD

Live Sydney 14 Feb 1987

Top 22

Love Is A Stranger Bootleg CD

1991 Observation Records

Mislabelled as "Live Boston, Paradise Theatre 1985"

Plus incorrect song titles

Golden Lady CD Bootleg

Annie live on tour and live NYC 25/3/95

KTS 433


Annie Lennox Interview Booklet CD

120 Page Book with CD

Sound and Media SAM7013

Italy Bootleg CD

Annie Lennox

Cold Primitive

(still sealed)

Live at Montreaux Jazz Festival July 3 1992

Speedball CDs



Korea - "Touch" LP

"High Stereo Light" label.



Sweet Dreams 12" Single One Sided Bootleg.

No Markings.. UK?

Mexico 7" Promo

Would I Lie To You

Wrap Around Picture Sleeve. (Bootleg?)

A. Would I lie To you?

B. Here Comes That Sinking Feeling.


RX - 178-



Mexico 7"


Double A Side Promo

(bootleg?) Picture Sleeve

A. Resurreccion.

B. Resurreccion.

RCA RX - 750


Greece 7" Bootleg

Green Vinyl

Under Pressure Rehearsal.

Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.


A. Under Pressure - (Annie Lennox and David Bowie)

B. Somebody To Love - ( George Michael)

"Holyqueen" Records.


7" Bootleg "Live in Poland 1995"

Number 4 of 50

A. Money Can't Buy It.

B. Legend In My Living Room.

Live At Sopot Festival, Poland, 1995.

Greece ?

7" Bootleg Picture Disc

Live In Stockholm 1984

Limited to 50 copies

A. Here Comes The Rain.

B. Sweet Dreams.

Greece 7" Bootleg

Live in San Francisco

Kabuki Theatre 21 Aug 1983

Number 66 of 100

A. Sweet Dreams.

B. Love Is A Stranger.

Ophelic Souls Records

04212-23036 148

Greece? "Back to Australia 1987" 7" bootleg

A. Lets Go

B. Thorn In My Side

Copy 3 of 50 (no other markings)

"In Their Own Words"

Bootlegs (Green Vinyl x 2)

Werchter Festival 3/7/83

Australia (?)

Swingin' Pig Series

Greece 7 " Bootleg

Missionary Man / Sweet Dreams

Live USA Awards Show 2005

Number 3 of 50

France Bootleg LP

Live in Lyon 1983

(No other markings)

UK Double LP Bootleg

"Sensing The Storm"

Revenge Tour 4/6/86

P & C Sniper Records Ltd


"Eurythmics Greatest Hits - Playing With My Heart"

Asia(?) Cassette Bootleg.

CRA 8850

(no other markings)

France Double LP Bootleg

"Love Is A Stranger"

Live in Nijmegan, Holland.

Feb 7 1984


Amorion 1984

Ultra Rare Trax CD Bootleg.

Ultra Records DA001

Sweet Revenge Bootleg CD

Big Music 1992

Tourythmical Bootleg CD

Tourists - London 1980

Eurythmics - Manchester 1983

Silver Rarities SIRA 41

Jack Talking Bootleg CD

Live Europe 1984


The Grand Pick Records Italy


Germany Bootleg CD

Annie Lennox

Live in Montreaux 1992

LSD Records

CD 152.026

Poland Bootleg Cassette.

The Best Of Eurythmics.

Brawo 232

Issued in conjunction with "Bravo" Magazine 1989.

Mexico Vinyl

Series of Eurythmics LP's with locally printed unofficial sleeve. (bootleg)

"XEL Radio Capital 1260 khz"

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This


Be Yourself Tonight




We Two Are One

Greatest Hits

plus "Here Comes The Rain Again" 7" picture sleeve.

Mexico double A Side 7"

I Need A Man

Promo Picture Sleeve (bootleg)

A. I Need A Man

B. I Need A Man

RCA RX - 478


USA 7" bootleg sleeve.

A. Right By Your Side.

B. Right By Your Side (Party Mix)


PB 13695


Mexico 7" Bootleg sleeve.

A. Sexcrime.

B I Did It Just The Same.


RX 141